Napa BMX League – Rider Enrollment

The Napa BMX League is a five-week/five-session experience that’s as easy as riding a bike, but so much more fun! Held at North Bay BMX (click for photo of the facility), girls & boys, 3-15 years of age, enjoy instruction and racing in equal-parts during each session.


DID YOU KNOW? Parents/grandparents of enrolled riders can also take part, riding together, then competing separately with other adults (more on this below).


Led by Napa resident and Olympic Medalist, Donny Robinson, our League is a Beginners-only program that takes riders gradually through the steps of becoming a BMX racer, and our always-moving format may just keep kids engaged like no other sport!


DEFINITION of “Beginner:” Any rider who has not moved into Open Racing as a Novice. Meaning, you CAN repeat this program. 


The $159 tuition includes a riding jersey, personalized number/name plate, season-end award, and loaner bike/helmet (if needed).


DATE, TIME, and DAY options (you can begin to make your selection at the bottom of this page): 

• LATE SUMMER: August 25 – September 29 (skip Sep. 1)
• FALL: October 27 – November 24


• Time slot choices are: 9:15AM-11:30AM or 12:15PM-2:30PM


• All sessions are held on Sundays.



Bicycle riding! Almost to the heart’s content of the rider…


Our sessions together begin with a brief group talk where we cover an appropriate topic for the day. Overcoming adversity, our attitudes, etc. are all subjects that can be applied on and off the BMX track.


Next, we move into our instruction time, which include new, progressive skills/drills each week. Learning proper lines through the turns, the fastest/safest ways to navigate the jumps, and gaining comfortability riding in close proximity to others are just some of what we cover over the course of our season.


*Sorry, for now, we do not teach kids HOW to ride bikes. 


Then, we apply what we learn (along with what was taught in prior weeks) to three laps of healthy competition, in age-appropriate classes – it’s individual efforts among their peers…


Personal progression is the name-of-the-game, but the points racers earn each lap they complete that go toward their trophy on our final day is a nice bonus!


REST EASY! Although we provide participants near non-stop ride time throughout, each rider, based on every levels, are able to take breaks when needed, without missing any of the action!


*Sessions that are postponed due to weather, air quality, acts of God, etc. are always made-up at a later date/time. 


It’s a great family atmosphere, and we often have three-generations of a family in the house cheering on their rider.



Your rider, long pants, and closed-toe shoes – that’s all (for real).


Yes, come wearing a shirt, but we’ll even have your BMX jersey waiting for you. So, pack your bicycle & helmet if you have them (whatever they look like), and even if those items are missing, we have them for you to use at no extra charge.


Napa BMX League Loaner Bikes
*Our various sizes of loaner bikes/helmets will fit the typical 3-4 year olds, all the way up to adults (left to right). 


Seriously, it’s all good – we won’t ask you to make a trip to your local bike shop or sporting goods store to buy race-specific equipment, or remind you that it’s your week to be the “snack parent;” plus, our weekend dates and one location makes it as easy as possible to negotiate.


Don’t worry, moms & dads, even though we LOVE when you’re willing to lend-a-hand around the track (team work makes the dream work), we want you to simply function as the cheering section for our participants (unless you’re brave enough to get on a bike, too).


So, sit back and let our Head Instructors and Jr. Coaches (all past male/female program graduates) lead your riders down the right path.


*Parent/grandparent riders get all the bonuses as the kids, but pay only $109 for their enrollment. 



1. Participants must be able to ride a pedal bike, without training wheels, and have a basic ability to make it over the small dirt obstacles of North Bay BMX to join in either Open House or League activities (parents may assist by running alongside, if needed).


NOTE: This program does not require any special kind of racing bike, and chances are that the bike your rider has in the garage will work just-fine (mountain bikes, coaster brakes, etc. are all approved).


2. Is your rider still doing the Fred Flinstone on a Strider/Balance/Push bike? Add yourself to our email list for our upcoming details on a specific-to-you program (also appropriate for those with Special Needs) – JOIN EMAIL LIST


3. View our FREE “Give it a Try” Open House opportunity by clicking on our HOME PAGE


4. North Bay BMX’s FREE Community Ride events on Saturdays are also a perfect time to gauge your rider’s comfort – RSVP HERE


5. If our scheduled dates/times won’t work for you, but you’d like to receive updates on future programming, click here – BMX LEAGUE UPDATES


6. If an instruction-only program sounds like great starting/continuation option, check out our Beginner Summer Camp, July 29-August 2 – NAPA BMX CAMP


7. Missed sessions (due to sickness, vacations, etc.), are allowed. Unfortunately, the way our program is structured, make-up times can not be provided (other special requests may be granted).


*This is a Beginners-only program and not open to USA BMX Novices who participate in Open Racing.


Please contact Donny Robinson ( with any questions.



North Bay BMX
3291 Streblow Dr
Napa, CA 94558



Start by choosing the preferred session time you’d like to sign up for. You’ll then pick your program dates on the next page:


Youth Enrollment (60-rider limit) – 9:15AM-11:30AM

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Youth Enrollment (60-rider limit) – 12:15PM-2:30PM
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Parent Rider Enrollment (either time slot)

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NOTE: Program refunds may be subject to a processing & materials fee.